Herbal chamomile tea in a glass cup on a boardResearch appearing in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology (2009 Aug;29(4):378–382) looked at the effect chamomile extract had on anxiety.  The subjects of the study were 57 people who were given either a standardized chamomile extract (220 mg. of extract obtained from German chamomile standardized to contain 1.2% ofapigenin) or a placebo for eight weeks. The dosage was gradually increased from one capsule per day to up to five capsules per day in some of the subjects. The Hamilton Anxiety Rating (HAM-A) to rate the extent of the subjects’ anxiety. Dosage increases were based on the anxiety test scores. Compared to placebo, the group receiving the chamomile extract experienced greater improvement in their HAM-A scores compared to the placebo group.