Research appearing in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery (2015 Jan;26(1):277-80) looked at the effect coenzyme Q10 had on regenerating the facial nerve in patients with facial palsy. The right facial nerve stimulation thresholds were determined on 16 albino rats. The measurements were taken before crushing the nerve, immediately after crush, and after one month of receiving either treatment or placebo. The rats were randomly divided into two groups, with eight rats receiving 10 mg/kg per day of CoQ10 10 intraperitoneally for 30 days and the other group receiving a saline solution.

No statistically significant difference in stimulation threshold was found between the Co Q10 and saline groups immediately after the nerve was crushed. However, after one month of treatment, the Co Q10 group showed greater improvement than the saline group. Neither the Co Q10 group nor the saline group had reached the precrushing amplitude levels. After one month, examination with light microscopy found significant differences in vascular congestion, macrovacuolization, and myelin thickness between the Co Q10 and control groups.

The researchers concluded, ” Although many treatment methods have been tried to accelerate facial nerve regeneration after trauma, a definitive method has not been found yet. Co Q for the treatment of acute facial paralysis is promising on both physiologic assessments and pathologic evaluation.”