Cardiogram and heartAre  you concerned about the possibility of heart disease? Has your doctor tested your CRP levels? CRP is C-reactive protein; a globular protein. CRP levels increase in the presence of inflammation. A study appearing in the journal Circulation (2005; 112(1): 25-31) looked at the relationship between CRP levels and heart disease in 3,971 men and women over a 10-year period. It found that elevated CRP was associated with an increase in coronary heart disease. A meta-analysis, appearing in Lancet Neurology (2005; 4(6): 371-380) found that elevated CRP levels were associated with cognitive impairment, depression and the incidence of stroke. In studies lasting longer than eight years, the risk for stroke in people in the highest quartile were 70% higher than those in the lowest quartile for CRP levels.