Way back in the 1950s research was performed that showed vitamin E to be useful for women suffering from dysmenorrhea. In a study double-blind, placebo-controlled study appearing in the Lancet (April 23, 1955:844-847), 50 subjects with primary dysmenorrhea,were given 50 mg. of vitamin E, three times each day, beginning 10 days before menstruation and continuing for four days. The treatment was repeated for a second menstrual cycle. More recent research appearing in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (November 2001;108:1181-1183) looked at 100 young women with primary dysmenorrhea. The women were randomly divided into two groups. One received 100 IU of vitamin E for five days, beginning two days before menstruation. The other group received a placebo. Both groups experienced a reduction in pain, but the group receiving the supplement enjoyed a greater reduction in symptoms compared to the placebo group.