Doctor looking at ct scanA study appearing in the journal Stroke (2005; 36(11): 2404-9) looked at vitamin B12 supplementation and its possible role in preventing heart attack or stroke. The subjects of the study were 2155 men and women with a mean age of 66 years. They were given either a low dose supplement (20 mcg folate, 200 mcg B6 and 6 mcg B12) or a high dose supplement (2.5 mg folate, 25 mg B6 and 400 mcg B12). The supplements are specifically chosen because they are cofactors that help reduce homocysteine levels. The subjects were pre-screened, eliminating those who had high B12 levels or may have malabsorption issues. The group getting the high-dose supplement had a 21% lower risk for stroke than the low-dose group. The authors concluded that vitamin B12 fortification may be valuable in reducing the risk for stroke in certain patients.