holistic health classNiu Bang Zi–Chinese Name for Burdock

Burdock is native to Europe and Asia. It grows throughout the world in temperate regions. It is a detoxifying herb. The root and the seeds help to remove waste products from the body. The root is reputed to be useful for removing heavy metals from the body. It was traditionally used as a remedy for gout, kidney stones and fevers.

Burdock is fairly well researched. A review article published in Inflammopharmacology (2011 Oct;19(5):245-54) lists some of the benefits of burdock. In this review, the reported therapeutic effects of the active compounds present in the different botanical parts of burdock are summarized. In the Burdock root, the active ingredients have been found to “detoxify” blood in terms of TCM. These components improve the quality and texture of the skin by increasing the circulation of blood at the skin surface, which in turn makes it effective at treating skin conditions like eczema. The root contains antioxidants and components that promote healthy blood sugar. The seeds have components that are anti-inflammatory and inhibit the growth of tumors. Extracts from the leaf contain substances that have been used to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the mouth. Research appearing in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases (2016 Mar;19(3):255-61) found that, “Arctium lappa L. root tea (burdock) improves inflammatory status and oxidative stress in patients with knee osteoarthritis.”