According to research published in  the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition June 2001;73:1001-1002, 1019-1026, Trans fats, the kind found in a lot of packaged food, like cookies, crackers, certain dressings and much processed food can increase the risk for developing type II diabetes. Trans fats can be found in food with the words “hydrogenated oil” and “partially hydrogenated oil” on the label. Trans fats are also found in many margarines.  Researchers followed 84204 women aged 34–59  with no diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer in 1980. Detailed dietary information was assessed at baseline and updated in 1984, 1986, and 1990 by using validated questionnaires. As little as a 2% increase in calories from trans fats raised the risk of developing type II diabetes by 39%. Increasing calories from polyunsaturated fats by 5% lowered the diabetes risk by 37%.