sickThe idea behind vaccines is to confer immunity to a specific virus. Since this is not an option, why not take steps to improve general immunity. We hear that half of Europe died during the Bubonic Plague in the 14th century. That means that the other half didn’t die—better immunity.

We use language like, “I caught a cold,” or “I caught the flu”. It makes it sound like the virus has moves like LeBron James. It fakes left, spins right and slam dunks into you. But we know that even in a pandemic, not everyone gets sick.

So you want to enhance your immune system as much as possible. First do all the things your mother told you: wash your hands before eating, eat a good diet, and get plenty of rest. Stress really puts a strain on the immune system and can increase your chances of getting sick. Researchers from the University of Florida and the University of Iowa and reported in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine (May, 2001). According to the article, those who reported having a lot of pain and stress were more likely to become sick that those who claimed to have only a little pain and stress. It is reasonable to expect that other stressful procedures may hamper immune function.

Diet is very important. Sugar and refined flour products stress the immune system. Similarly, hydrogenated oils and deep-fried foods should be avoided. Fresh, brightly colored produce will help to boost your immune system. Fresh produce is high in vitamin C. The bright color in plant foods is from carotenes and bioflavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants that will help to protect your cells. The carotenes are precursors to vitamin A.

Also, supplementation often helps with immunity: Vitamin C is antiviral and antioxidant. It protects your cells from chemical stress and from viruses. Vitamin A is a much neglected immune support nutrient. Research shows that chemical exposure, and bacterial and viral exposure reduces vitamin A levels (get professional help before taking vitamin A, because too much of it can be toxic). Arabinogalactan can be purchased as a powder. They exist in high amounts in herbs that boost the immune system like:  Echinacea purpurea, Baptisia tinctoria, Thuja occidentalis, Angelica acutiloba and Curcuma longa. In short, it is found in herbs that boost the immune system.

The idea is to improve your body’s infrastructure. Fortify your immune system and the chances of getting sick decrease.